Sound incredible with Orpheus Studio

Our artists and clients keep coming back to us because they want consistently outstanding results, achieved in a stress-free and friendly environment. We combine the latest technology with years of experience and our unique workflows, allowing us to operate on timelines and budgets that others simply cannot compete with. Have a listen if you want to know what we can achieve.

Outstanding facilities

Time and space

We are lucky to be able to offer a large live room that lets bands and groups feel comfortable and relaxed, right away. With an additional two isolation booths we can also provide the best of both worlds. This bespoke environment lets you get up to speed quickly, helping you to produce your very best performances

Everything you need

With our amazing in-house drumkit already set up and ready to go, bands can get to work in an instant, achieving a fantastic polished sound effortlessly. Flexibility is at the heart of our design, as proven by the wide range of services we have provided over the years. Find more details on the ‘About the Studio’ page, or Contact Us to discuss your project.

Masters of Production

We place great emphasis on helping you to get the most from your sessions. This means using super-efficient techniques to help you get your recordings down and minimise any disruption to your creative flow. When it comes to post-production we are masters of technologies such as pitch/timing correction, drum replacement and editing

A Musical Engineer

If you speak with our clients you will find that our chief engineer Richard Campbell is an incredible musician in his own right. He's always available to put his formidable multi-instrumental skills into action if you desire, and will also be on hand to help out with the compositional side of things, helping as much or as little as you wish with musical ideas and arrangements

What our clients think of Orpheus Studio


I have been recording for many years now, and this was one of the best sounds I've heard. The sounds are great, particularly amazed was I with the drum sound.

And also your role beyond the mere technical aspect has been crucial, I just wanted you to know. You managed what every great producer should be able to do: making the band they're collaborating with sound better than it actually is...


I've had some of my best and most creative studio moments with Richard. As an engineer, producer, arranger, co-writer and session musician, this man is frighteningly talented. In a more down to earth practical sense, Richard has everything you need to achieve the best outcome; finished music you are proud to play to others. Patient, musically sensitive, technologically adroit, efficient, a gifted and versatile musician, he can really help bring your musical ideas alive. If you get a chance to work with him - take it!


Richard is a pleasure to work with, I think he knows our songs better than we do!

Plus he’s got plenty of great, helpful advice and if he managed to put up with us guys he's got great patience, record with him now!

Whatever you're planning

With our sizeable live room we are experts in achieving the very best sounds for bands and ensemble performance. Isolated booths allow for maximum versatility when it comes to tweaking and mixing your work.

What's more, our resident multi-instrumentalist Richard Campbell is always on hand to help with any additional parts that you might need. This works perfectly for singer-songwriters who want to get a "full band" sound for their compositions. Check out some of our work on our "Listen & Watch" page.

With a screen-link in the live room, we are naturally set up to provide a range of services for film and TV post-production, including ADR, foley and soundtrack recording, as well as voice reels, audiobooks and game audio.

Ready to get booked in?

Even if you just need more information, drop us a line and we'll do all we can to help